1 on 1 Wellness Coaching

Hi, I’m Briana Antes. If you are currently feeling burnt out, constantly exhausted, frustrated with your health, lost, like nothing is working, disconnected from your body, like you are hanging on by a thread and DESPERATE to find something that will help you heal, I feel you.

I was once this person. I lived it, I felt it, I found the solution. I can empathize with every step. And let me remind you what I know you already believe deep down: You can joyfully live in the body of your dreams. You can feel like the FREE badass woman of your dreams…empowered, energized, & radiantly beautiful.

Let me tell you why I am here: I was going to the gym twice a day. Working myself to the bone in every session. I was burnt out, exhausted, hanging on by a thread in all areas of my life, I dreaded the gym, and most importantly, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to see – not even a little bit. I was fueled by self hate, I was gaining weight, losing hair, my skin was red and dry, I couldn’t sleep, I had NOTHING to give to anyone in my life. It was rock bottom. I couldn’t take it any more. I knew this wasn’t right. I knew I had to make a change.

The method I’ve created was my saving grace. From my lowest point I rebuilt myself and The Antes Method was born. By slowing down so much and working out less I lost all of the weight I was working SO hard to lose at the gym. I felt like myself again. My energy came back. As I started to love myself and my body my self and my body transformed. I was doing less and getting WAY more out of it. I felt free. Relaxed. Calm. Grounded. ENERGIZED! And able to show up as my best damn self.

The transition wasn’t easy. It’s not as simple as snapping your fingers and now you love your body and you do gentle workouts, know how to manage your energy, eat well, and you feel so amazing. It took me 3 years to really feel like I was a new person. But only 1 day to feel like I was moving in the right direction for the first time in a long time. It will take time to be FREE. To undo those thought patterns of self hate and torturing yourself to get what you want. It will take time to fall in love with yourself. But it is POSSIBLE. So freaking possible. That’s why I am here. To pick you up, hold your hand, love you and lead you from that exhausted, beaten down place to a place of L O V E for yourself. To your best self. To feeling and looking like the woman of your wildest dreams, because it’s possible. I only ask 1 thing from you…show up.

Because if you do, here’s what I know how to help you achieve: Complete alignment with EVERYTHING that serves you in all areas of life. You will feel like there is no one you would rather be than YOU.

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Life?


Briana Antes is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Restorative Rebounding & Pilates Instructor, ASFA Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, 200 hr RYT, Somatic Experiencing & Meditation Coach. She got her BS in Kinesiology & CSCS and has worked in the wellness field since graduating. During her college years, Briana was suffering from chronic illness, unable to live and enjoy her life the way she knew she was meant to. She developed her methods around movement, nutrition & holistic wellness as a way to heal her mystery illness and is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with the world. Her mission is to empower everyone to feel their absolute BEST and to provide them with the tools to maintain radiant health for a lifetime.