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Wherever You Go, There You Are

In 2012 I read the book Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zin and it changed my life forever.

It’s pretty remarkable when you can trace the journey back to a single starting point.

This book is so profound. And what I’ve realized 10 years later is that it is even more profound than I knew when I read the book back then. 10 years ago I didn’t really understand what I was reading, but something deep inside of me knew this was the truth and I was remembering it for the very first time in my human experience. Something inside me woke up…and it was powerful. When I think back to the teachings of the book now, I think it’s amazing that I didn’t REALLY understand it…but somehow I did. Interesting phenomenon.

Over the past 10 years of this journey I’ve read many books, gone to many retreats, been through many programs. And what I realized is that, all of these great teachings are all teaching the same thing in a different way. 

I used to recommend that book to everyone, and then would feel a sense of disappointment if they didn’t experience the same awakening as I did.

Now I realize, that there are millions of different channels through which we will all eventually learn these teachings of life and trust and love and grace. there are so many ways and avenues through which this information will inevitably come to you.

What I also realize now, is that my classes are yet another unique avenue through which these teachings are expressed. 

Rather than sitting still and reading or being talked to (nothing wrong with that, we all learn differently that’s why there are options) my classes offer an opportunity for you to physically integrate these teachings into the cells of your body as you move – your mind doesn’t really need to be involved at all.

The most important thing to note is that these teachings will find you…when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself (which is what we do in class). It is important for me not to shove the teachings down your throat, but instead, offer a safe, joyful, open space for you to explore the depths of your human self. For you to come to learn the truth in your own time. And remember who you came here to be. 

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